Friday, 31 January 2014

Happy 2014

Ok so I've been a bit quiet since my last post. 
Wasn't sure how to follow that one up and to be honest I wasn't ready to deal with it all after I released it into the world.
Life has continued on as normal.

Christmas was interesting. Since we now are split 4 ways with our parents it was a interesting exercise on juggling. My Father in law was in Australia so we factored him in before Christmas before he left. My Father is in Auckland now and we managed to catch up with him a week or so before Christmas also.
Christmas day was split between my Mum and her side of the family and Mr E's Mum and partner.

Miss Midget was spoilt absolutely rotten as were we all.

Over the holidays Miss went to her Nanny J's house which left Mr E and I with a bit of time on our hands. We managed to clean out our house which was a amazing feat all it's own. We have now found the Wardrobe in the spare room that has been missing for 2 years lol.

Once 2014 kicked in we were semi back to normal. A highlight of summer was spending a weekend camping up in Hihi. Was lots of fun and great company. Can't wait to do it again next year.

Now we're at the end of January and the year has started off with a bang.
I've been having fun over at my other blog - Lost in a Book NZ with books I have been reading. I have met so many awesome Authors and Book Bloggers. It's been very cool getting to know them as well as all their books. My book blog facebook page even had some love from one of my favourite authors because of one of my reviews I did just before Christmas which was definitely a highlight for me. Feel free to go and check it out. If I read the sort of thing you're interested in feel free to like the page. Don't worry I won't force you to love it as I know what I read isn't everyone's cup of tea lol.

Right so now I need to get off here and start being productive for the day. Don't quite know what that entails but I'm sure I'll find out. First step - getting out of my pj's and getting Missy dressed to :).

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