Friday, 19 July 2013

Important Life Lessons for Miss Midget

So this morning tragedy struck and i was greeted with tears when I went to get Miss Midget up this morning.
Her poor long suffering Barbie has lost her leg just below the knee.

We are hoping Dr Daddy (Mr E) will be able to fix Barbie (Glue should work I hope).
This got me thinking about life lessons Missy has learnt in her 3 almost 4 years.

I would say this is a important one. Barbie's legs may bend but it doesn't mean they go that way. Also this could be a lesson on the fact that Mummy and Daddy may not be able to fix everything.

Another lesson she's learnt a few months back (I won't go into to much detail about it) - She has found out the hard way that if she swallows the likes of Barbie's little bracelet that while we may see it again we do not get to keep it and we count it as GONE.

Another one she's learnt is that yes we can give our toys haircuts but they are not like us and it won't grow back. This one she learnt after silly Mummy left a pair of scissors within reach and Miss had friends around. Really it's all Mummy's fault but still Miss has learnt a valuable lesson on that one.

I know there are more life lessons coming for her. Things like "We don't cut our own hair" and the like of so I guess I have things to look forward to. Feel free to let me know other fun life lessons I may not be aware of.

So I guess now we wait for Dr Daddy and figure out whether today's life lesson is about Barbie's leg or the fact Glue is a wonderful invention.

Will let you know how Barbie's surgery goes :)

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