Friday, 5 July 2013

I want a refund!!!!!

So I want a refund.

2013 has not lived up to what was originally sold to me and I want a full refund!

Not store credit and I certainly do not want to pick another year as it can not be promised that it won't turn out exactly like this one.

I'm thinking maybe I need to tell "the powers that be" that they have a faulty product and really should look at fixing it.

While it was never stated that I had brought only roses I think I got the product that only had the thorns and fertilizer. I'm still waiting for my roses!!!

Of course when planning for this year no one could expect that it would turn out like this and yes it is "the luck of the draw" but I think a refund is necessary after everything this year.

I think maybe as I push for my refund I could speak to them about their advertising.

Really things like "It can only get better", "This year holds so much promise", "This year is Your year" really shouldn't be used with regards to this year. It's almost false advertising.

I really should've read the "terms and conditions" on New Years day instead of looking at it through hungover eyes first before I went along with all the advertising above. 

If I can't get refund (It's pretty much a given I'm stuck with 2013 isn't it?) I will look into what I can do to get the roses. I have enough fertiliser to sink a ship so I better get some brilliant ones :).

Right now that I have my nonsense rant out of the way I promise I'm fine and we can go back to our regularly scheduled Friday lol.

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