Monday, 24 June 2013

My imagination and other such rubbish

Right so with the other Blog under way now I feel it's probably time to explain my little adventures here and there.

So here goes :)

Mostly I blog because it's my way of talking about whatever is going through my mind at the time.

In my little world of my blog I imagine people care what I have to say about stuff. They don't particularly care that my writing style is pretty much just me writing the first things that come into my head.
I do try and remember the things that I was taught in English but half the time I write what I think and how it would sound if I said it out loud. I realise sometimes this comes across as poor English but I'm OK with that :).

My little imagination runs away on me and likes to pretend I'm talking to the masses (which going by my stats for both blogs isn't that many people lol).

Now for those who know personally are probably having a good giggle at the bit about the masses. I don't do public speaking at all. i'll avoid it like the plague.
I get nervous talking to a room of 5 people when I'm doing training at work. I did horribly when it came to speeches at school. The content may of been OK but nerves kicked in and I'd rattle on at 90 mile a second, even if I'd timed a speech to the perfect time, standing up in front of people my speech would never be as long as it was meant to be.

I also get a bit of anxiety attacks so chances are I've run through 50 million scenarios about whats going to go wrong and how much of a idiot I'm going to look before I've even got anywhere near to opening my mouth :). So the chances of me actually speaking to a large group of people are pretty non existent as far as I'm concerned.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this little part of the internet for me is a way to voice my opinions about general rubbish that I am either going through or have a strong opinion about. I don't expect everyone to agree with half of what I have to say but it's nice to know people value you or at very least nosey enough to read it :).

Also with these little projects I have going it does seem to help with regards to work.
I work for a website company.I do the content entering and the training for our clients so they can update their websites themselves. I've found having my general play around with the likes of Blogger and Twitter and Facebook have helped with when clients ask about Social Media. Having used some of the products out there for this blog like Google Analytics has helped with regards to being able to answer questions and also occasionally pointing people in the right direction.

So that's it from me for the moment. I'm sure there'll be more stuff to write about shortly. I have a very vivid imagination and this space here lets it run wild with my ramblings which could be dangerous :).

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