Wednesday, 16 January 2013

When the holidays over.............

Managed to survive Christmas and News Years and we're all still in one piece :).

Miss Midget has been extremely spoilt over the last few weeks with trips here and there. Mr E and Miss left today to go spend a few days down in Managwhai
This is the view from where they are staying.

Yeah I'm extremely jealous to :).

Over the holidays we mainly spent it hanging out with family and friends and just enjoying the weather. We have had some beautiful stuff here.
I'm very thankful for Mum and Dad's pool as well as there were a couple of days last week where if there hadn't been a pool I would of melted.
I figure I'll leave ya with a few of my favourite photos from over the season as they pretty much explain it all :)

Christmas Present I made. Did 6 in total
Miss's cool pirate patch she got from her friends birthday party

Christmas eve and Santa has been

Santa didn't just leave presents. He left footprints to

Miss painting up our Balloon game with Nanny J

Bath time at Nanny J's

Our strawberry when we got home from being away at Christmas

The view from the house we stayed at in Parua Bay for New Years

The view from Mum & Dad's house

Miss Midgets super cool water slide.

Miss Midget's swing that turned up magically after new years
Miss Midget having a ride on the Bishop's bike :)

So as you can see a good time has been had by all.

Will try and post a bit more regularly now that the holidays have finished.

Have fun 


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