Thursday, 17 January 2013

Another surprising use for Hand Sanitizer

So yesterday as I was home alone I found I had lots of time to rattle round the internet just filling in time.
I came across a friend's status - Renette from South African Kiwi.
She had found something which to me would never of been obvious.

"Hand sanitiser removes permanent marker from carpets. Just so you know."

Well that got my little brain ticking fast and I knew I had a small bottle of the stuff that I'd never used so this lead on to me trying to clean the arms of my lazy boy chair.

Ok so this chair has had a hard life. Originally my Popa's chairs, we inherited them and they have been sitting in the lounge for the better part of 7yrs (not counting 6mths but thats a whole another story). Anyway this particular chair used to be Mr E's got to chair. So of course the arms looked horrible with all sorts of muck on them and years worth of it. You know the kind of muck that comes from a boys hands after they have been in the garage tinkering, or the kind that comes from being on their hands at work, that sort of stuff.

So last night I thought "What the hell, lets give this a go".

Well I was quite surprised with the results.

Take a look for yourself below.

Arm before (It's pretty gross huh)

Arm after

The state of the chux cloth after.

So there you go. Not sure how cost effective this would be if you decided to do this on a regular basis and I'm sure they have proper cleaning products that possibly would of done the same job. I just wanted to test it on something that I knew was stuck and wouldn't be that easy to clean (The other arm of the chair did actually have permanent marker on it. Not any more though).

So if the apocalypse ever comes and you find yourself without cleaning products but you have a stock of hand sanitizer you'll be fine :).

Have a good day :)

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