Friday, 7 December 2012

Tis the season to get crazy busy

Ok so lets see, what have I been up to since last I wrote.

I know I was meant to come back with what was happening with my voice - Yeah it was lost from Wednesday through to Saturday morning. Took ages to find the bloody thing :).

All has returned back to normal.

Work is going good at the moment. Extremely busy with content entering and training and helping clients which is good. I'm starting to make a bit of progress with things so it's all going well.

Miss Midget is still going through the toilet training process. Little witch decided she didn't want to go grow up the other day and wanted to be a baby. So we have been reinforcing she's such a helpful big girl. It seems to be working.
We've had a few battles with her stubborness but we appear to be winning. We are so close it's not funny. Obviously have our good days and our bad days with it. Due to the warmer weather it's a bit hard to keep clothes on her at home. She's turned into a nudist. This is also helping with getting her to use the toilet :).
She shouldn't be to far away from being all good and just in night nappies. We'll see how we go.

We're all geared up for Christmas. The tree is up. We've had our visit to Santa and presents have been brought. We're actually pretty organised this year. Just a couple of small things to get and then we're good to go. Also have to work on my christmas craft. Have a few things that I need to do on the sewing machine but have lost motivation. Must finish off Missy's fairies, haven't forgotten about the pirate hat and patch I'm meant to make either. I just need to find some energy. Can tell it's the end of the year as everyone is hanging out for a holiday and energy levels are low.

Christmas plans this year, Well we have a couple of Miss Midgets friends having Birthdays so we'll be going to those. We also will be going down the line to Mr E's Mum's house and going and seeing his grandparents.

Might even try and fit our honeymoon in there somewhere :).

Oh I also have been busy setting up the Choose Life facebook page which I volunteered to help run.
If you haven't checked it out yet, please do. It's such a worthy cause that I feel everyone needs to get behind :).

Anyway must get going. Got a few things to do with Miss Midget before dinner :).

Will make sure I update before Christmas :).

Putting ornaments on the tree.


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