Sunday, 11 November 2012

Secret Squirrel Business

Well by the time I actually post this onto the blog the cat should be out of the bag.
Thought I would use this page to document whats happening before the cat gets out though.

Today is 26/10/12.
I am currently 2 weeks away from getting a new last name and a new husband.
For those of you who don't now. We have been together for 8yrs now. Engaged for around 4ish (it's been that long with a couple of hiccups in between that I can't give exact times lol).

First of all I want to say I was overwhelmed when we got engaged (again) by all the congratulations we received. To be honest as it was really a re-engagement we didn't see it as a big deal so it was lovely that all of you thought it was :).
Thank you.

Well it's been 24hrs since the plan was proposed and nobody has changed their mind yet which is brilliant lol. I've been and got the papers so we'll see how we go from there :).


We had a bit of a giggle with the papers last night. In my best most serious voice I had to check with Mr E to make sure our marriage wasn't in the forbidden category.
Did you know you a woman may not marry her —
  • (1) grandfather:
  • (2) grandmother's husband:
  • (3) husband's grandfather:
  • 4) father's brother:
  • (5) mother's brother:
  • (6) father:
  • (7) stepfather
  • (8) husband's father:
  • (9) son:
  • (10) husband's son:
  • (11) daughter's husband:
  • (12) brother:
  • (13) son's son:
  • (14) daughter's son:
  • (15) son's daughter's husband:
  • (16) daughter's daughter's husband:
  • (17) husband's son's son:
  • (18) husband's daughter's son:
  • (19) brother's son:
  • (20) sister's son.
This also counts Civil Union partners :).
Pretty sure Mr E is not any of the above so I think we're safe :).

So the fun part so far has been inviting people. Trying to come up with a random reason as to why we're having a party is a bit hard. Just as well our friends have come to expect the random drink or 2 at our house where it isn't drawing to much attention :).

Well it's 6 days until the big event. I quite like the fact we are doing it this way as I'm not a very patient person and it's nice not having to worry about the bigger stuff that comes with a wedding. We have the rings already sussed as we sorted them out a few years ago so we're not having to run round and sort those out. We have a couple of witnesses sorted and I have my wonderful childcare lady in the know so she can help sort Miss Midget out before the event :).

Yesterday I went to the court house and paid for it.
It's quite funny seeing it on a printed receipt :).


So I get married this week. That is a rather funny thought. I want it to hurry up and be Friday already and be a happy memory. I know that sounds funny but I'm really not a center of attention kind of person. So the sooner it's all over we can get on with the celebrating I'll be happier. The questions are coming through thick and fast since we've been asking people for Saturday. Have dodged a few of them. Not sure how successful but oh well. I'm not to worried about people thinking that they are in the know. I just don't want hordes of people turning up at the court house expecting to watch.
So I guess we're on the countdown. 5 days.
Tonight and tomorrow night are going to be relatively quiet which will be nice. Mr E is at work today and tomorrow night  and night after so the plan is quiet night for us both tonight. Tomorrow is a chill out night for Me, Wednesday I have a girly night with a good friend of ours. Do our nails and that sort of stuff lol. Thursday Mr E is off with a mate doing boy stuff for his last day of freedom and well Friday is the day so I'm finishing at 1pm on Friday to go get ready and make sure Miss Midget is good to go. Exciting times.

Had a interesting chat before with Mr E's friends wife. The one he is running away with on Thursday to do boy stuff with. Apparently I'm not to expect him home on Thursday night. This scares me a little. The warning has been put in place that everything Mr E should be returned to me on Friday in the same condition I left in. This means all eye brows are where I left them in the same condition I left them in. There is to be no visible bruises or added extras like a ball and chain and or graffiti drawn on Mr E's face with marker of any description (Permanent or other wise). I have informed him (via his wife lol) that he will be a dead man walking if these conditions are not adhered to. So effectly he is going to be Mr E's body guard lol.

Have also been doing a bit of thinking with regards to last names. I'm quite excited. I'm going to have the same last name as my little family. No more will I have to explain that I am Donna ........ , Miss Midgets Mother. This is a wonderful thought after all the times I have had to explain to doctors and such.

The fun part will be coming up with a new signature :S


So at this point I'm praying Miss Midget isn't sick on Friday or the weekend. Had to come home early from work due to Missy having a temperature. It's been lots of fun this afternoon.

Oh I'd also like to apologise for all the fibs I've told lately about what Saturday is for.
You know I love you and well I hope it was a happy surprise or a happy confirmation that it is/was what you thought it was.

Right time to see if I can get some sleep. Don't want to be a Zombie tomorrow if Missy is well enough for me to work.


Right a bit of quiet time before my friend comes over for my "hens" night. It's a raging party here tonight I tell ya. It consists of Me, 1 Sleeping Miss Midget and my good friend lol.
We're going to have a few drinks, watch some of our favourite TV Programs and chill out which will be nice.

So this afternoon was a bit interesting. I tried on a wedding dress to see if the style suited me and there was all sorts of talk about how I'm going to have my hair done etc.
I've also been informed that I am going shopping tomorrow afternoon to get a dress. so watch this space. Apparently while trying the dress on I was shaking and looked like I was about to cry. I just got a bit over whelmed i think. I sort of almost feel guilty doing it this way as neither Mr E or I have told our parents whats going on. We were planning on doing that Friday night after the event. I am wondering if I'm robbing my mum of something though.

The 2 wonderful ladies helping sort me out this afternoon have become fairy godmothers intent on getting this Cinderella to the ball in a pretty frock thats not already in her wardrobe lol. I thank you both sincerely for thinking enough of me to help me with all of this.

I had a coversation with Miss Midget about how Mummy's going to match her and Daddy and have the same last name. She thought that was ok (after me explaining it a bit further). She now seems to think we're going to a Ball on Friday now. I guess the pretty dress I was wearing this afternoon didn't help with convincing her other wise but thats ok :).

Have decided any photos relating to today I'll post on my tumblr account as Tumblr tends to display photos nicer :)


Wow this post is turning into a novel. Sorry. Thanks for sticking with me if you made it this far down.
It's currently 11pm the night before the big day. Mr E has gone off with friends for his version of the stag do. I'm currently semi prepared for tomorrow. Stuff is in a bag to take to one of my lovely Fairy Godmother house. I am 99% certain I have everything. Dunno how I'll feel in the morning but right now I have everything I can remember :).
Miss Midget is currently tucked up in bed.

Speaking of Miss Midget, She had a wee accident at childcare today. Poor Poppet slipped, know her she was going way to fast and well yeah. As you can see from the photo below we have a wee mark on her nose.

That is ok though. I am not worried about it. My poor childcare lady thought I was going to murder her. Oh well it's not the end of the world and nothing is broken that can not be fixed.

Last night with my friend was rather amusing. We had fun. Had my one of my favourite meals for dinner, drank 3 bourbon and cola's and watched my favourite TV shows while Miss Midget slept. We also managed to talk a whole lot hence the reason it was after 1am by the time I went to bed. Was rather funny at one point though at about 10 we're both sitting there with tears streaming down our face and tissues in hand - Good old hay fever struck and we both ended up resorting to meds. As you can tell we know how to party lol.
Seriously though it was a lot of fun and I think I'll be convincing the husbands that it should be a regular thing :).

We found my dress today (I can hear the gasps from here - only just finding my wedding dress the day before the wedding). It's beautiful. So thank you to my fairy godmother's whom I will find someway of paying back. It's awesome.
I have my shoes all sorted. I guarantee I'll be a barefoot bride not long after the wedding but I'm happy with that to.

Well I should go get some sleep so I don't have huge bags under my eyes.
11/12/12Right so the last few days have been brilliant. Exactly what we wanted which has been awesome.

So Friday 9th of November at 3pm we got married at the Whangarei Court House with a couple of good friends as witnesses and my darling Little Miss Midget as our Fairy Dust Sprinkler.

Last night we had our surprise reception. Thank you to those who came. Those who were invited and didn't come. Sorry you couldn't make it and surprise :).

It's taken a good couple of weeks to get here but I'm glad we have done it. Thank you for all your kind words and we are so very happy.
I'm sure I'll think of more to write about in another blog post but I feel this one is long enough lol.

Link to the more photos will be posted later on after I wake properly :)

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