Saturday, 17 November 2012

Having "that child"

Hmmmm so We have discovered as Miss Midget is getting older taking her places has become more of a mission.
While I realise the only way she'll learn what acceptable behaviour is for us to take her places and reward the good and not let her get away with the bad stuff.
It's just an incredibly draining exercise and can be highly embarassing having "that" child when your in a social situation.

You know the one I'm talking about. That child screaming or getting into something they shouldn't be or making their poor parent look like a idiot as they are trying desperately to get them under control.
This can be a lot of fun trying to figure out what to do when the child has their own ideas.

Comes back down to a fight or flight scenario. Do you stand their and fight with you child until they see the error of their ways or do you excuse yourself and your child and run away before they can cause any more of disturbance?

I'll give Miss Midget credit she generally is a pretty good kid and most of the time we don't have to many problems when we go places.

Today was not such a cool example though. We were invited to a christening. Miss made some friends and was running round with them and then she gravitated to the sand and dirt and wanted to play in there, Obviously due to her being dressed up and where she wanted to play wasn't really meant to be a sandpit we had to keep steering her clear from it.There were a few other instances where her ears just didn't seem to want to work. Then it came time for the event. Well Missy didn't understand that you had to be quiet. It was explained multiple times but due to the no ears she was suffering from it became a bit much and she was taken out the front for a little while. We resorted to Mr E's phone for her entertainment and she sat on the ground quite happy for awhile until the speeches were over.

While it wasn't a epic scene we still felt bad. I know that sounds funny and I can hear some of you saying that I'm blowing it out of proportion. Factor this in too - My need to not have people looking at me and my parenting skills and the fact that we didn't know half the guests and it was a special day for our friends.

After the speeches we decided it ws probably a good idea to take our tiny terrorist home since her ears didn't seem to be switched on today, We excused ourselves which is a shame as it would of been nice to of stayed but Miss was just getting worse. We will be going back again this evening to have a couple of drinks so will explain when we get there which I'm sure they'll understand.

2 things I have learnt today though is always take food with you when you go somewhere. You can then combat the hungry child and also always make sure you have a escape plan in place just in case of a "that child" emergency.

So now Miss is sitting happily watching TV and isn't "That child" and we will attempt this social thing with her another day once we have her ears working properly.

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