Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Can't talk right now.................

So can't talk right now due to loosing my voice lol.
Went to bed slightly croaky last night and woke up with squat diddly voice this morning only to have it almost disappear completely when I got to work.
Went to the docs and apparently I have strep throat which is currently killing my voice. Have been given 10days worth of pills and told to rest my voice.

Trying to explain to the doc what was wrong was interesting then having the ladies at the pharmacy try and talk to me was a bit of a giggle.

Having picked Miss Midget up on way home and having her with me for half the day has certainly been the most trying of the lot. Trying to explain to a 3yr old why Mummy sounds funny and how talking hurts mummy was a challenge to. Pretty sure she doesn't get it. She told me that she didn't like me talking like this and I should talk like I normally do. If only it was that simple.

Mr E is going to think it's his lucky day when he gets home from work, he'll have a quiet wife for a change :).

I'll update this post on how I get on for the next couple of days :)

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