Friday, 19 October 2012

What happens if you know them?

Pinterest has been a interesting topic in my household as of late.
I had thought about not posting about this but thought about what if I'm offending other people and thought I'd open the floor for discussion and get how everyone feels about it as I don't want to step on toes

Basically a week or so ago it was pointed out to me in a rather not nice email that I'd stolen Miss Midgets birthday cake idea off someone who I had considered a friend. They had obviously taken offence to it and told me so.

Now it wasn't as if I'd gone out of my to deliberately upset this person. I had thought everyone is sharing ideas on Pinterest then the ideas were for lack of better terminology fair game for anyone to try in the DIY section. Had I realised it was going to cause this much drama I probably would of thought twice about using it. To me it was a cool cake I'd found on Pinterest via a friends board and since I'm not a expert baker or anything and it looked simple enough I thought "well even I could do something like that".

So all this drama has got me thinking, how does everyone else feel about ideas and how they are shared and when is it good form to ask if it's ok to use the idea and when is it fair game?

To me and I've said this before Pinterest is a place for all your virtual cork boards where you can find these awesome ideas and share them with your friends and also with strangers.
How do you guys feel about someone you know using ideas that you found first?

For me if your following me on Pinterest and you like one of my ideas sweet then go for it. Use it and tell me how it turned out so when I eventually give it a go then I can either follow your example or learn from your mistakes.

To me if the ideas means a lot to me, I won't post it until after I have made it whether it be here, Facebook or on Pinterest.

On Pinterest's Etiquette page -

It mentions nothing about maybe asking people before using their ideas and at this stage you can't make boards for your use only and or block people from seeing your ideas. It's public or nothing at all. To me though why bother with a social networking site that is all about sharing ideas with people (hence the reason you can follow people and people can follow you) if your going to get upset if someone uses a idea? I don't understand but I have a feeling Social Network and Privacy are for another post.

Basically with this post I just want to gage everyones feelings on the subject to avoid making the same mistake twice.

I value my friendships and want to make sure I'm on the same page as the rest of my friends.

Miss Midgets Birthday Cake

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