Saturday, 13 October 2012

This week has just gone

Well this week certainly has flown by.
Monday = Starship and being stuck there from 11am till 3pm for Doc Appointment and Ultrasound).

Tuesday = Work and Tayla had a well earned day with her Daddy chilling at home.

Wednesday = More work.

Thursday = Work and some dealings with drama . did learn a few things though. Mainly life is not worth spending worrying about someone who doesn't give a rats about you. Surrounding yourself with people who actually think your worth something is the way to go :). So just so they don't get a big head and think I'm gonna start having a "tantrum" about them I'll leave it at that :).

Friend cull on facebook to. Took me a awhile but I'm happy with the results :).

Friday = Work (I was pretty busy all things considered this last week, Pretty sure I managed to accomplish a fair bit though)  and then running round with Miss Midget ( I run around with Miss Midget quite regularly but yesterday she was knackered when she went to bed. She'd had lots of fun at Nanny Pam's and then some more with me)

Today = Having Miss Abi to come play was very cool. Tayla really enjoyed having Abi here and they played so well. I now see why Pam always considered herself lucky to look after these 2 during the week. They were having pure fun :).

So as a reward to myself and considering Miss Midgets Dad is on night shift I'm going to eat pasta for dinner and chill out in front of my favourite programs, Might even consider having a bourbon for all my hard work this week :).

Have a good one everyone :)

Consider the rent raised :)

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