Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New look?!

So have been having a fiddle round with the blog today.
Feeling it was just a bit busy so have simplified things and given it a plainish header.
Widened everything up and yeah.
We'll see how it goes. I'll most probably get bored with it and play around with the header again and colour but for now simple is good :).
What do you think?

Well the Starship appointment went well. Doc said the lump is not getting any bigger so thats cool. He said he wasn't keen to operate at present and said he would see us in a year to monitor it. So yay no operation for us.

Things on the crafty side are a bit slow at the moment. Really should finish the other 2 Fairies that I've cut out for Miss Midget. They are currently sitting in my sewing box waiting for me.

Have a few other ideas in the planning process. Just have to find the time and the motivation to do them :). So watch this space and we'll go from there lol.

Have fun everyone :)

One Fairy (Rosetta) waiting for me to find motivation :)

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