Thursday, 4 October 2012

Have had ideas in my head and issues getting them out.

So as you can see it's been awhile again between posts.
Between Work, Miss Midget and doing stuff around the house plus now finding this creative outlet it's not left me a lot of time to sort this out.
Have a few ideas with regards to this blog so bare with me. Unfortunately it appears to one of many ideas thats sort of in limbo at the moment.

I have all these ideas which at the moment seem like brilliant ones. My issues appear to be finding a away to get them out of my head and make them reality and also finding the time to do so.

So not a lot has been happening lately. I've been playing with my sewing machine. I'd like to think I'm getting better at sewing in a straight line with the amount of practice I have been doing lol.

Miss Midget has a appointment at Starship for her Lump on Monday. This will be interesting. We pointed out to the doctor that She's starting to complain when it's up that it's hurting so we'll see what comes of the ultra sound. They are in no hurry to operate which is good and bad. They are taking there time at finding the right approach. Because of where the lump is they have to becareful due to there being a nerve close by that if they accidently damage it then the side of her face could drop. The doctor did assure us he'd done the op many times before and has never had it happened but still needed to point out the risks to us. Made me a bit nervous. I know if she did need the op she would be in good hands. I just don't want missy to be the first it happen to if you know what I mean.
If they can't see anything with the ultra sound she'll need to be knocked out again for another MRI which will be another all day event.
Poor Kids been poked and prodded by doctors so many times in her short little life. I do feel sorry for her. She does us proud though and is always super good for the doctor and super brave.
I can't remember if I ever posted what the lump officially is so just incase I didn't it's called a Vascular Malformation (Link takes you to the Wiki Page if you wanna know more about it)

Well I'll leave ya with a few photos from the past month :)

Missy's 3rd Birthday Cake
Click here to see where I pinched it from :)

Tinker Bell accumulated a few friends

Missy's Mail Bag
Click here to see where I pinched it from

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