Sunday, 2 September 2012

Crafty shite and a few other things

So we made it to the end of August and now into September.
I still don't know what happened to August. It went by in a blur.
It was a busy month. We had a family friend come stay for 2wks.
We had 4 family birthdays (Mums, Dads and Mine and Miss Midget).
We had a trip to Starship for Missys lump and yeah.

So Missys birthday went really well. All projects that we had set out to do as presents for her were completed and she was thrilled.

We had to acknowlegde that Mummy and Daddy told fibs and that the "trailer shed" was really her new play house. The afternoon of her birthday was the big unveiling. Once she figured out it was for her she promptly made a little track from the house to her little house taking what ever we would let her out there. We had touble getting her in that night. She was determined she was sleeping out there lol. So 3yrs old and ready to move into her own place. I knew she was advanced for her age but that was a bit more than Mummy was going to let happen. I can't imagine it would of lasted long though given theres no power out there or even a bed for that matter :)

As for my little project I'd been working on, I managed to get that completed on the 23rd with the help of my mothers sewing machine. We ended up giving it to Missy when we went down to Auckland for the hospital trip. She seems to like it and has been playing with it a bit since then. It's a bit hard to tell if its a hit due to her having received some many other toys during the course of the week.

Have also been dying to work on a little side project that I had thought of but wanted to wait till I'd finished the house.
Tinker Bell has become a favourite in this house well at least with Miss Midget. So I found a picture online which looked pretty cool with Tinker Bell and all her fairy friends and decided I would try and make them. The last photo in the long list below will give you a indication on how I'm getting on :).

Oh also big news here. The Dummy fairy came and visited on Thursday night. I am now rather sleep deprived as it's about night 3 we're up to tonight without dummy. Miss Midget is doing well though and hasn't asked for the dummy to many times. She did say this morning she missed it though. We just gently remind her that the dummy fairy gave it to a baby that needed one as she was now a big girl and didn't need dummy. She's seems ok with this answer, I do however think she is now trying to substitute her bottle for dummy. So I guess that'll be the next to go.
We haven't been to concerned with the bottle due her food intake during the day (somedays getting her to eat anything is a mission impossible) but I'm thinking now that we will need to seriously look at the bottle as I don't particularly want to be going through this all over again in just a little while.

Anyway thats it for me. My eyes are starting to hang out of my head. I hear my bed calling my name which is a pretty good sign it's sleep time :).
Will update you all on the lump and the starship appointment another day.


Playing with the door of her new house
Playing with her awesome stove top her Nanny Jan & Popa John made.

Awesome butterflies given to Missy by Nanny Pam and Popa Les
Outside view of my house project
Inside view of my house project
My side project :)


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