Saturday, 4 August 2012

Rare opportunity

Well talk about strange. I'm currently sitting at home all by MYSELF. Yup thats right no one is hear.
I don't have a little person saying "I'm hungry" and yeah.
I've had a wonderful long shower, hung out some washing and even sorted out my boards on Pinterest (Yeah I created a new board for toys so I needed to sort it out - I'm a bit of a computer file freak. I like my boards to be organised. Yeah I know I'm strange lol.)
So I even have a opportunity to write a blog post.
For those of you who arent friends of mine on facebook here is the progress of the Dollys and the house.

I have 24 days to complete it. So fingers crossed.

I have started in the house now, Have one window done and will hopefully finish the other and window and door tonight. That will just leave attaching the roof to both side of the house and then attaching the lining to the house and sewing it together.

Hopefully the sewing machine that I have borrowed started being nice to me and lets me sew the other side of the velcro on the lining for the beds and for keeping the house together.

Alrighty wish me luck :)

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