Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Lets see why................

So lets see why I have been to busy to blog?
Well I don't actually know why. Time seems to of run away from me.
We have been sick with nasty sinus infections and all those things. Poor Miss Midget has had a bad run with it all. Thank goodness the drugs that we have for her at the moment have kicked in and are working.

Mr D and I have also been busy preparing for Miss Midgets birthday which is next month on the 28th.
Yes I know we're running early with prep but we're making a couple of her presents and are trying to give ourselves a bit of time so we're not rushing through it.

So instead of just rambling on with what we've been doing, here are some photos.
First set is Mr D's project (It will have some paintwork done by me once it's completed.
You may remember a while ago I was going on about a toy wooden kitchen for Miss Midget. Yeah that idea evolved into what you see below :)

Miss Midgets Mushroom House (in the making)
Frame's up
Frame dry now and painted
Lining is attached now.
Walls and roof are currently being painted in the garage. Will post more photos as we make progress :). Currently Miss Midget thinks Daddy is building a "trailer shed" in the back yard. Wonder how long she's going to buy that one? lol

Ok so then comes my project.

Felt Dollys and eventually a Dolly House/Bag

Didn't do to badly with my score from spotlight. This is what $17 looks like :)
So didn't really have a pattern to go by so did a bit of drawing. Started off with the one down the bottom of the picture
All cut out and half sewn up
Love the wool I choose for the hair. It's come out great
And this is how she's sitting at the moment. All I have to do is the rest of the face and sew up the back of her dress.
So all up I plan to have 2 dollys and maybe a pet (haven't decided yet). They are going to have a felt bag in the shape of a house that will have some beds in it for them (I figure this make keeping them together easier and also will be good on car trips). I have thought maybe to make the beds detachable so she doesn't have to have them in the house if she's playing with her big wooden house at home.

Anyway thats the plan. It's subject to change at the moment as all of this is being hand stitched.

Also while I'm showing photos of my creations. Heres one I made yesterday.
Meet Pandy

Ok so will try and give you updates on all these projects to let you know how we're going.

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