Friday, 25 May 2012

Where has the year gone?

Well I just realized we're almost half way through this year.
If anyone knows where the first part of the year has gone please let me know as I'm sure it was only January a blink ago.

Man guess everyone is going to start with their mid year reflections and hopes for the rest of the year.
Not sure I have a lot to reflect on. Well I'm sure I do but not sure I want to do it in a public forum :).

I'm happy and thankful that my little family appear to be on track and that we are all happy and to a degree healthy (Apart of early winter sniffles and coughs - they don't count though).

I'm also thankful I have a pretty cool job that is understanding of my need to spend time with Miss Midget. As well as the fact that I can help out where I can :).

I'm super stoked that my daughter has turned back into her sweet loveable happy self instead of the poor wee poppet we had. It's good to see she's happy and she's enjoying everything again :).
I'm also super stoked she's eating her dinner to a degree again (I really hated her dinner time for a while there, still do but while we're going good I'm thankful :)).

This year has been interesting, starting off at Mum and Dad's and working our way back home. Life is funny what happens. Wouldn't have it any other way though. Learnt far to much to want to change any of it :).

It's also crazy that Miss Midget is going to be turning 3 soon. Lots of plans are going into her birthday present. So the little kitchen area I wanted to make for her has turned into a full on play house out the back. So now to actually start building the thing. This will be the fun part :). Oh and find paint for it :).
Just as we'll we're building it out of pallets so the woods all sorted. Now to see if we can build something like the picture I have stuck in my head (I blame pinterest for all the ideas I have for this thing and also my imagine. In my little picture of it it's got a porch and everything. Poor Mr D, don't think he knows what he's in for yet :)).

Alright guys, well I'm off.

Catch ya later.


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