Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Spew, Poo and all things tummy bug icky

Ok so sorry about the title, thought it best to warn people about the topic of my conversation before they read this and well yeah thats the first thing that came to mind lol.
So I have been battling a tummy bug since Friday but this tummy bug is sneaky. It makes you think you are well enough to do stuff and then sneaks back up on you and your back to square one.
So Friday I felt a bit yuk by Friday night I felt REALLY yuk. Lost my dinner and was in bed with a grumpy tummy quite early on Friday night :(.

Had hoped that it was a one night only deal. Well it kind of was. Both Tayla and I were fine mostly on Saturday, We had a awesome day catching up with people who came to visit and that was all cool. Saturday night was another story.

It was Missy's turn to have this nasty bug. Poor Poppet didn't know what hit her. So 2 spews, lots of cuddles and a shower later we finally settled down for the night and with the help of good luck we had a good night sleep that night.

Sunday Miss still wasn't herself. The spew had stopped (YAY) and that was all good but she wasn't keen on food. Now this is semi normal for my child. She's fussy anyway and having a dinner time battle is nothing out of the ordinary and She hasn't been complaining of feeling yuk or anything but something wasn't quite right so we just went with it and she went to bed with a little bottle in the hopes this would get me through the night. I didn't push her or anything and she had a relatively good sleep.

Monday we woke up to a rather nasty nappy. Won't go in to details as I'm sure your imagination is working over time now. It has resulted in Me being home from work for the past couple of days while we battle this nasty bug.
I had thought that I had gotten off lightly till last night when my tummy started turning and being nasty. Thank god I was able to go to sleep before I lost my dinner.

So today we are spending it doing quiet indoor things. I am very thankful for the Dolls House that Nanny J gave miss at Christmas as she's now playing quietly with that.

Yesterday I did went on Pinterest and found the recipe for Homemade Pedalyte that a friend had posted (Talk about good timing) and thought it was a good idea to do a Snap Guide for it.
If you want  to see it - click here. The thing with this recipe is if you follow it to the letter it turns out salty which is not helpful when trying to get a 2yr old to drink it. Will keep you posted if I come up with a good variation.
The Pin from Pinterest is here - For those not familiar with Pinterest, click on the picture and it will take you through to the original website where there are 3 recipes. I only used the first recipe as thats what I had in my cupboard at the time.

So hope my little feel sorry for me post has got you thinking "Thank God it's you not me" and with that I'll leave you to it. I know one poppet who has decided she needs to go to bed with bottle and a story.

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