Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Random Cat saga

Well those of you whom are friends with me on Facebook would have been hearing a lot about the random cat that turned up at home on Saturday night and has tried to convince everyone it lives here.
Those of you who don't know heres my little story...................
So we had a party on Saturday night and some time during the evening a very friendly black and white fluffy cat turned up. Now our guests thought we'd got a cat as this pretty kitty was making itself right at home. We were having to remove the cat from our house multiple times throughout the evening. At one stage it even tried hoping in the taxi with Mr D's father. It's a very friendly kitty.
When we woke up the next day the cat was still hanging round. No matter how much we tried to convince it otherwise the cat was determined it lived at our house.
We even had Miss Midget saying "Kitty, you don't live here. Go home".
Poor Kitty still didn't give up and over the course of the last few days we have had return visits from this cat. It even decides it's going to snuggle up on the porch swing and sleep in the afternoon sun almost every afternoon since it turned up.


Well yesterday I thought this is getting a tad ridiculous and started to feel bad every time I told it to go home (I had to remove it from car yesterday, When I was getting Miss Midget out of the back seat it decided it was going to sit in the front seat. A quick survey round the immediate neighbourhood told me that everyone had had visits from this cat and it didn't live at any of the addresses.
So I rang the SPCA to see if anyone had reported it, I also had a search online to see if anything turned up.
I got 2 phone numbers. One lady thought it might have been hers and got a bit excited as she'd reported her cat missing in August - Yeah it was a long shot to begin with but you never know. When I sent her the photo it turned out not to be hers. So now I feel bad for both Kitty and the lady for getting her hopes up. The other lady hasn't replied to my texts so I'm picking it's not hers.

There are enough neighbourhood cats in my area where I don't think Kitty is going hungry. I think it has been pinching of them. When it comes to see us it's just wanting someone to give it some love and pats.

Have a few people who were nice enough to re-post the photo I put up on Facebook which is cool. I have also rung the local Vets and providing Kitty comes to see me this afternoon we have a date with the Vet to see if it has a micro chip.

I can hear you all going "Why go to so much trouble for a Cat that isn't yours?"
Well to answer that this Kitty is far to friendly to not be someones beloved pet. I know it's got a home and people who love it. I just hope I can find it.

A few of you have said "Why don't you keep it?", Well as much as I would like to we are not really in a position to have a pet at the moment. The thought has crossed my mind multiple times but Mr D and I have talked about it and yeah it's not the right time for a pet at the moment.

Will keep you posted on whats happening with Kitty. I hope I find it's owner. I won't feel so bad when I send it home as I know it will have a home to go to :).

So if you know this Kitty or know someone who is missing a Kitty like this, Please get them to get in contact with me.

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