Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Quietly thinking

So have been thinking about my dear old blog here.

Am in two minds on whether "The Weeklies" should stay or not? Not sure if anyone actually reads them or not or whether its just me bleating on. In saying that this whole blog is really just me bleating on huh lol.

In all honesty the reason I have this thing is so I get thoughts out of my head and I guess pretend that I have a whole audience to talk to. Yes I can hear some of you now and I thank you family and friends that actually read this blog, It's nice to know people care enough to read it and support me :).

Again it comes back down to where to go from here though. I'm quite happy with writing down my random thoughts and opinions about things I find etc and I guess at the very least 30 of you are happy to read it (Well at least thats the average the stats are telling me. Random fact, the most read post on this blog was my one about "Dear Photograph". It has had 80 so far).

So what do you think? Any thoughts/suggestions. Likes or dislikes? Honesty is always welcome :).


  1. Donna, it's your blog, write whatever the hell you want! You'll get better at blogging as you do more of it. Most pro bloggers say find a routine and stick to it (so Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or whatever works for you) and if you have extra content, you can always put it on your blog, but have it post at a later date.

    But back to your original question - we like reading about you and your life, so keep us entertained and write whatever happens (within reason, of course!) and you'll get better at finding stuff to write about. Can't wait to see more!