Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Getting rid of Dummies

So this post is about pacifiers and not stupid people just so we're on the same subject lol.
Don't want people to think my daughter keeps asking for her favourite stupid person - not that we know any.............

Anyway now that I cleared that up.

We are fast approaching Miss Midgets 3rd birthday (It's in August). Mr D and I have been talking about what to do about a certain dummy that Miss Midget is for lack of a better term addicted to and when to get rid of it.

No I know by writing about this I'm opening a big old can of worms but thats ok. I realise everyone has their own opinions on when to get rid of it and to be honest with you we had thought that we would of gotten rid of it by now.

We've been busy with trying to come up with a exit strategy for dummy for a little while now and basically we have come to the conclusion or at least I have that I need to harden up and not give in when Miss asks for her dummy and distract as much as possible. At the moment we are working on Dummy to be gone around her birthday and have been telling her "When your 3 that makes you a big girl and you don't need your dummy then and we'll have to say good bye to dummy", I think to a degree she understands but I'm also pretty sure she thinks her birthday is ages away.

To help make this good-bye process a little easier we have started with some rules.

1) If it's not bed time, no dummy. This to a degree works as long as Mummy toughens up. It worked last night :). The only time she gets dummy is right before bed time. We used to have this in place but we got a bit relaxed about it and it kind of snowballed. We'll know for next time to stick to our guns.

2) If she has a afternoon sleep at the moment we're (with the help of Nanny P) are in the process of weening her off it. So we're trying to convince her that she doesn't need it at nap time. I have yet to give this one ago myself as we only put it in place yesterday. So ask me again on Sunday evening how this plan is working lol.

Those are our major things we're working through at the moment.
With us working to the goal of it going at 3 that also brings up the debate on the date. Now I'm of the thinking that I don't really want to deal with having no dummy on the day of her birthday. By the time bedtime comes around she will of been running round like a mad thing for most of the day spoilt rotten with toys and sugar. So to me to take dummy away that day would just be plain mean (to me and to her lol).
I also think it needs to be a quiet weekend and we do it on the Saturday or even start on the Friday so that gives us 2 sleep ins up our sleeve to combat the screaming that will go with no dummy.

Yes I know there could be no screaming and it could all go really good. I'd be stoked if it did but with the attachment that Miss Midget has to dummy I'm picking we won't be so lucky.

We have been given so many interesting ideas of how to get rid of dummy. Some I'm not so sure I can go through with but some have been awesome ideas like

- The Dummy Fairy comes and takes it away
- You give your dummy to the Rubbish Bin and then you get to pick out a prize for being such a big girl.
There are a couple of others that were good but I can't remember them of the top of my head.

My daughter has a long history with Dummy.


As some of you know (probably most but I'm pretending people don't know me personally when I write this lol), my daughter was 3 and 1/2 weeks early when she was born. 4lb 4oz. She was just a tiny Midget back then. We stayed in the hospital for 10 days and got to bring her home finally after 10days. I think we lasted maybe 3wks at home before out of pure desperation and lack of sleep (I was having to feed her every 3hrs regardless of if she was sleeping or not because she was so little) and knowing she was not hungry etc we gave her a dummy. This dummy was a magic. I got to sleep and life was good. God forbid you went anywhere without said dummy though or you paid the price. There have been a couple of times where we had to make a emergency stops at the super markets to replace lost or forgotten dummy but we were fine with that as it brought peace and quiet and a happy child.
The dummy has had many names in our house like Gobstopper, Dumdum, Pipe (Mr D's childhood name for it) and d.u.m.m.y (spelling it out so Miss didn't know what we were talking about). It will be the end of era when dummy goes.

Well wish us luck on this new part of the adventure. At least if all goes wrong we still have blankie :)

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