Saturday, 5 May 2012

Don't want to bore you

Ok so I'm not going to bore you with a "I'm a sook and I don't like winter" post. This will be my only whinge about the weather - It's been COLD!. Don't worry I knew winter was coming and it's not as if its a surprise but still don't like it  and yes I'll get over it :).

So things that have been happening? Well we're over our nasty tummy bug - YAY.
Miss Midget is pretty much back to normal with regards to eating and behavior. Still getting tired in the afternoons but thats to be expected I guess.
I haven't had a chance really to do anymore unpacking. There are some things that need to go up in the roof for storage before I can really carry on with it as some of the stuff waiting to be unpacked needs to live in the spare room which is quite full at the moment :).

So I swear there is a single bed in there......somewhere.
Other than that not a lot has been happening.
I did manage to have a nice conversation with one of the team behind Snap Guide the other day which was nice. They sent me a message just thanking me for my guides I'd and asked me if I was enjoying it.
Told them about my blog post I'd done at the start of the month and they were pretty stoked that I'd been with them pretty much since day one and had gone to a bit of effort for them :).

Have been working on a few birthday present ideas for a couple of mates. Hopefully have that sorted this week. Will post something after I've given the presents to them so as not to ruin the surprise :).

Alrighty. Will try and put The Weeklies out a little later tonight to :).

Have a good one :).

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