Friday, 18 May 2012

Busy week

Been a bit quiet on the blogging this week. Mainly because We've been busy at home sorting out the house and trying to find space for everything.
I have some awesome new shelves in Miss Midgets playroom half for her toys and half for a shoe rack. They are doing a great job. A) it makes more room in there for Missy to play and not have a great big toy box in the middle of the floor and B) she can now find 90% of her toys easier. I say 90% because out of the 8 containers we have there are 2 misc ones with stuff in them that doesn't really fit into any of the other categories we have lol. Shes loving the space though.
We have also added some plastic drawers for her to store her puzzles and colouring in books as week which should make the top of her book shelf not so crowded :).
This week we have also been having fun with Miss Midget and her adjusting to the change. After moving back home and then a few other changes the Midget has had to deal with we've had a bit of a battle this week as she hasn't been herself. Slowly getting there though. A lot of TLC from Mummy, Daddy and the extended family and she'll be right in no time (hopefully).

This week my poor little car has gone to the Ding Doctor (Those from Whangarei should get that :)).
It went on Wednesday. It's amazing how one possession can dictate how much independence one has. Yes I know I could walk places and lots of people make do without a car but this is the longest I have been without wheels since I was 19 or 20 and if you've seen the weather in Whangarei lately you'll understand why the Waiwai Express is not a good option especially if Miss Midget is in tow. So looks like it won't be back for the weekend either so it might just be a quiet weekend at home. Not so bad in the scheme of things as I'm sure I have plenty of jobs to do but a pain non the less as there will be no random trips to the super market to get things that are needed etc. So might have to just make a plan and go tomorrow while Elmo is still home.

Mothers Day last Sunday worked out nicely. It was just me and Miss for the day. She was really good for Mummy and we just hung out and did mummy/daughter things and later that day snuggled up on the couch to watch "Dumbo". Later that night so I didn't have to cook we got pizza for dinner. The whole day was lovely. Not so much spoilt (I got spoilt with my present a few days earlier, I get a 1hr long aromatherapy massage at some stage, yay) but we just fun. It was how the day was should be :).
Other than that not a lot is happening. Head down and bum up with work as my training is getting a bit of a overhaul and new schedules are being put in place etc. 

Oh and last blog I promised to tell you about the birthday presents I was making. Well one of them unfortunately hasn't panned out but thats ok as the other one I did went really well. Heres a picture of it :) 
Hope all is well in your world.

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