Friday, 13 April 2012

The Weeklies Number 3

This Week - 07/04/12 till 13/04/12

Well it's that time again.

My highlight of the week was - Playing with the Bubble Snake Maker with Miss Midget over the long weekend. Lots of fun seeing the different ways we could squish the bubbles. She seemed to enjoy when both myself and her would jump on one end of the bubbles each and squish them in our toes :).

Also car passing a warrant on Wednesday was pretty good

My low point of the week was - Trying to figure out when I'm moving and when I can give me car up and doing a over all juggling act.

My favourite time wasting device or application was - Still stuck on DragonVale. In saying that i have found it interesting to go back and check my guide on Snapguide and see how many likes and views I've had - 405 views and 57 people like the guide :).

My favourite website this week was
- I actually haven't spent that much time on the internet this week. I haven't been home trawling the web like I normally would :).

This week I decided to pick Twitter. I have lots of fun on this site. Especially on Wednesday nights when watching Almighty Johnsons on TV3. This is fun for a few reason - 1) because if you use twitter right you can end up in a conversation with lots of people watching the same thing. It's like being with your mates, everyone quoting one liners from the show and just generally enjoying the show.
2) I follow some of the stars and the Producer/Director of the show as well as a few behind the scenes info which is really cool. You can end up in a conversation with them as well which is always funny to. My little buzz from a couple of weeks ago was when Simon Bennett (The Producer) started following me back :).

Ok I can hear you all now thinking "God your a geek" - Well yes I am and anyone who has spent anytime with me will know that I'm good with useless information and even more so  with useless information about TV and Movies so to have Simon following me is rather cool and to be able to repeat some of the info from the Almighty Johnson Twitter Sessions is pretty cool to lol.

My favourite song this week (New) - Babysittesr Circus - Everythings gonna be alright :) Click here to watch the video. It's such a awesome song and I really like the way they have done the video :) - The making of it is pretty cool to (click here to watch that)

My favourite photo -

I think this photo speaks for itsef :)

Saying of the week

 Things to look forward to in the week to come (New) - So next weekend I'm heading down to Hamilton to the V8 Super Cars. Should be a good weekend. It's also a Miss Midget free weekend as she will be with her Nanny J so watch out Waikato :).
Oh and also INXS are playing as part of the weekends festivities so fully looking forward that as well :). Awesome cars, Good Music and fingers crossed for fine weather. Which brings me to Next Weeks "Weeklies" may either be early as in on Thursday or extremely late and on the Monday. We'll see how we go. We also having moving day in there somewhere. So if you don't hear from me don't worry I promise I'll be back at the very latest by the 27th (Could make the next "Weeklies" a one off "Fortnight-lies"

Well thats that. Done and dusted for another week :)

Feel free to tell me what you think, Anything you would recommend and stuff like that.

So will post something later on but till then have a good weekend :)

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