Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ok so I'm getting carried away tonight

I know I've already posted a website tonight and I know I'll probably need to find another one by Friday but this site is pretty cool and appears to be my find of the weekend. - This site I discovered on Saturday which I thought was handy as it'd give me the whole week to play with it, that is until I decided to post about it tonight :)
I was flicking through the Apple App Store featured apps yesterday on my phone and came across this, downloaded the app and then figured out it had a website from there.

It's pretty cool. Basically it's a place to find how to guides. So if you arts and crafts etc this could end up being the reference site for you. It works like this - You get your idea. Take photos step by step and then put the pictures and the steps in the website. Another simple yet pretty cool concept.
It to begin with reminded me a little of Pinterest but this doesn't take you through to the source website as all the instructions are right there. You can however link your "Guide" back to Pinterest and Twitter and Facebook which is pretty cool.

I was picking that its a pretty new site and read on just before that it only went live just over 24hrs ago so yeah as I said theres not a lot on there but this site in my opinion is going to be one to keep an eye on :).
So far I have found what looks like a really yummy recipe for cookies and cream cookies , Will keep you posted on any other gems I find :)

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