Thursday, 12 April 2012

My poor little car

Well yesterday was a nervous day.
My car went for a warrant and a quote to get a ding fixed (I didn't do it by the way. My little car had a accident without me even being in it).
Now most of you wouldn't be worried about your cars going through this safety check but I always get nervous.
I have done since I started driving. Probably because all 3 of the cars I have ever have been old and there has been some reason to worry.

Cars are just so expensive to fix so if something is wrong it immediately sends my poor little budget off into a tail spin.
This particular car is a little black Mazda Familia. It's a 1993 and I've had it since for almost 8yrs. It has been a awesome little car and really I have spent stuff all on it. As with all things now it's getting old and things are starting to get a bit warn due to age or use. Hence the worry about going for the warrant. Money is tight at the best of times so chucking in a $200+ repairs is really not in the budget.

I can here you all now going "Buy a new car" - Yeah thats not really a option at the moment either and if I was to buy a new car given my budget I would probably be worse off. At least with this car I know whats been done and what is probably going to need doing. As the saying goes its better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

So I sat at work and pondered what was going to be wrong with it. I knew the front tires were ok due to having them replaced last warrant but mind was going through what else.

I had to wait until I finished work to find out.
I'd been bugging Miss Midgets dad all afternoon trying to get an answer out of him (Yes I'm impatient and don't like not knowing). He kept telling me I'd have to wait to see the list of things when I got home.

At about 3pm I finally got to see the list. The meany had made me stew for nothing. My car got a clean bill of health and is now legal again. Yay. I should know by now not to to play the "What if" game.

Now to the quote. Thats going to be a fun one as it looks like I could be without my car for maybe a week.  So I'll now need to think of a new juggling act as to how I'm going to get places. Hitchhiking would maybe work if I didn't have Miss Midget in tow. She might be the added bonus though as she's still in the cute stage lol.
Her Daddy is most likely going to need to play taxi for a little while.

So now on top of the moving we'll be juggling that as well. At this rate I'll be a expert juggler ready to join the circus as one of the clowns :).

Have Fun


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