Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Petrol Head Weekend

Well my weekend just been was awesome.
Some of you may of seen my posts and others may of wondered where I was as I'd gone quiet again.
For those of you that don't know I went down to the Hamilton ITM 400 - V8's Supercar racing.

We couldn't of wished for better weather. Both days were goregous.

The V8's as always were highly entertaining as well as the other races (NZ V8's, Touring cars etc).

Saturday night as we'd brought tickets to the V8's this entitled us to go along to INXS for free. The concert was brilliant. They did a awesome job and by the end of the night I had sore feet from bopping around dancing, haven't done that in ages.

So heres a few photos from the weekends events :)

Me with Russell Ingall

The view from my seat of the 3rd corner

One of the cars (Touring Car I think) ended up in a wall after the corner threw him out. He had to get towed away

My view of the stage for the INXS concert

My view of the stage - I stayed where I was after the concert to wait for everyone to leave. Didn't realise how close I'd gotten to the stage till I took this photo :)

So now I wait till Bathurst in October - I normally only do the V8 Petrol head thing 2x a year, Hamilton and Bathurst.
This years Hamilton street race was the last though. Be interesting to see where they take it next. Fingers crossed they sort it out soon so they can get ready for next year. Would hate think they're going to miss us out next year.

Miss Midget also had a brilliant weekend being spoilt rotten by her Nanny J. She's still recovering having put herself to bed last night and tonight at 5:30pm.

Well thats it from me, I have boxes that won't pack themselves (I should know, I've waited long enough them to start but it appears they are not co-operating tonight).
Big day tomorrow - Moving Day.

Wish me luck and good weather


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