Thursday, 12 April 2012

Moving House - Argh

So Miss Midget and I are on the move. Don't worry we're not going far. Just back to where we started from originally (Long story. Sorry not going into it on here :)).

So now I have to sort out our stuff and get ready for moving. Still debating on which day. We can move whenever we like, its just a space issue at the moment.
So now the list making starts and the whole having to find all my boxes and things to make sure I have everything. Oh the joys of it all. I'm lucky my parents are able to collect boxes for me etc but it's the whole packing up Miss Midgets toys while she's not around (Trying to pack Miss Midgets stuff up would be a nightmare if she's watching because she'd want everything I'm trying to pack).

We also have to find someone to look after Miss Midget for the morning or whatever so I can move boxes and furniture without having to worry about where she has escaped to.

So next is to find the man power. That on it's own is fun. The other half works shift work and will be working weekends so some of the weekends are out, then there is my father who said he would help only can on weekends.

There is also the factor of I can move this weekend and be in a mess for a week until old flatmate move out or I'll have to wait till the 25th  as we're away the weekend starting the 20th in Hamilton for the V8 Super Cars.

So in all reality there is no winning here. It's going to be a huge mess regardless of what I plan. Oh the joys of it all. Don't worry I'll keep you posted on my progress. It's either going to be a long drawn out process or a quick completely unorganized mess.

Wish me luck :)


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