Sunday, 15 April 2012

Miss Midget Birthday surprise

So had a bit of inspiration today at my friends daughter's 4th birthday.
We'd been through all the games for the midgets and just before lunch my friend and her father in-law brought in this big thing under a tarp. It stood about 1mtr something tall. The birthday girl pulled the tarp off and the look on her face said it all. Every little girls dream.

Looked a like this

So seeing this and the way every little girl there made a bee line for got me curious so asked a few questions and my friends had picked it up off trademe. They got a bargin with that they paid for it as a wooden one like this is going for anything over $150. So this got me thinking...........
Miss Midget's birthday is coming up in August that gives me and her father 4mths to get our bums into gear and figure out what we need to make one. Not sure if he realises I'm serious about this (We've been texting as he's on night shift tonight) but I plan on turning this into a little project. I figure if it's not ready for her birthday then we'll make it Christmas :).
Wish me luck people as I've not tackled a project like this in quite sometime but I am determined :).

Don't worry I promise I'll keep you all posted as to the progress :).

I just hope she likes the finished product (If it gets there lol)


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