Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Miss Midget and time wasting tactics

Before I became a mother if you'd asked me when a child started to learn time wasting tactics I wouldn't of known. Maybe I would of guessed about 4 or 5 as they like to think they know everything but yeah turns out I was wrong and it's a lot earlier than I thought.
Miss Midget has been trying to use time wasting tactics a lot lately to get her out of things. She will try and use things like going to the potty, drink of water, wash hands to get her out of doing things liked tidying up or going to bed.

Lately it has been mainly before bed. We go through it almost every night that she needs to use the potty (Put her on there and she wants to sit there and chat to me and not actually use the thing - Yes it's cute but high on the time wasting scale of things), brush teeth again, Wash her hands. Wants me to read her another story. When most of these fail she gets a hug, kiss and a good night - More time wasting with "more kisses Mummy", "More hugs Mummy".

I have since found out today after discussing this post with Tayla's Nanny that she is also trying to utilise time wasting tactics when it comes to tidy up time. "I'm tired nanny, to tired tidy up"

So it's made me wonder where she's learnt these?

From what I can see it's not a learnt thing that she's picked up from anyone as such. It's just a "I'll see how far this gets me" thing.

We have been on to Missy's stragedy for awhile but it still never ceases to amaze me thats she's 2 almost 3 and has been doing it for months now.

So you people out there who don't have kids yet or have just had them take it from me be on your toes, these children learn quickly the fastest way to get what they want and have you wrapped their little finger. I'm still trying to figure out how to untangle myself :).
In saying all of this I really shouldn't be surprised as my child has had the nickname "The Tiny Terrorist" pretty much since the day she was born.

On that note I'll you to it till next post :)


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