Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Gnome Experiment

So read this article in Stuff.co.nz today.
Thought it was a good educational twist on the Roaming Gnome and a very clever marketing ploy by the people who have made the scales.

Basically it boils down to the company are wanting to prove the gravity is not the same in different place in the world so they got the gnome and a set of their scales and they are sending them around the world to have him weighed. Same scales showing different weights all over the world. 

So me being me (and probably thousands of other Kiwi's who have read the article and seen the website) have signed up to have the Gnome sent here to New Zealand.)

Will keep you posted if I hear anything back. I doubt I will but you never know. He could come here and do a little tiki tour roadshow around lol.
Haha yes I'm admitting to doing this freely. Thought it would be cool if it came to me to sort out something with one of the schools and get them to help me with it. Be cool for the kids I think :)

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