Monday, 9 April 2012

Follow on from Weeklies Number 2

Ok so I wasn't very descriptive the other day when I posted My weeklies and told you about my time wasting apps. For those who care here they are again :)

Favourite Games are DragonVale and Slotomania. will post links to them at some stage soon :).

DragonVale is a game that asks you to breed Dragons and try and get the rare ones. You can feed them (you don't have to) and they will go up levels.  You can also send them to the Colosseum for 24hrs where they earn you trophy's I'm a big fan of these types of games. Yes I don't stick with one game generally for very long as they get a bit boring after awhile and you get to high up in levels and it takes a eternity for you to be able to do anything. This one might last awhile though due to my small Dragon fascination. We'll see how it goes.

Slotomania. This game is pretty much your run of the mill slots game. The only reason I have been playing it is because I have a few friends and we're in a little bit of a competition with it. The bonus games do require a little bit of brain power occasionally but mainly this game is all about being lucky :). The thing I like about this game is you don't need a iPhone to play it either you can play it via your Facebook if you wanted to.


Enough of me rambling. Time for a chill out before Miss Midget wakes up :)

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