Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter, chocolate, birthdays and snapguide

Well this long weekend has been awesome. It's a shame it isn't longer.

Friday was just a day to chill out and relax. We didn't do a lot. Just hung out which was nice :).

Saturday - the morning was spent playing with Miss Midget and her little friend while their daddy's lined our garage. In the afternoon we went to the park and met up with Miss Midget's extra set of grandparents as it was Popa's Birthday. Miss and Popa fed the ducks. We stayed at the park till the rain came. Then back to Nanny's for more fun and toys. We had a great night and enjoyed all the fun that was had.

Sunday - the morning was spent paying for some of the fun from the night before lol then it was chocolate time. Miss got more chocolate than she knew what to do with. She spent majority of the day on a chocolate high :). We went visiting nanny and Popa again and then went to grandma and granddads so they could do their thing to. Sunday night was a early to bed for everyone night :).

Today we have been drawing with chalk on the footpath, well actually it was just me as I made Tayla a "carpark" for her bike.

Then we had a go at making a bubble snake maker. I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to test out how easy it is to make a guide on snapguide to so took photos as I went. Miss midget loved the bubbles which was good. She had more fun jumping on them though as she'd accidentally took a breath in and got some bubble for her trouble.

We've been for a walk to the dairy, was pleased Miss didn't want carrying all the way and was good when we were in the shop :).

So while Missy was playing I started on my first guide for Snap Guide. Was a simple process and I'm glad I took all the pictures I did. To see the finished product click here.

The guide has been up for a few hours now and it's been looked at 160 times so I'm pretty stoked. I definitely don't claim to have invented this idea (I got it off a good friend who found it on pinterest) but 
 figured I'd be able to put it on snapguide first lol.

Anyway while Miss Midget is sleeping I'm going to have a chill out.

I hope your Easter has been as awesome as mine.

Till next time :)

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