Sunday, 1 April 2012

Dear Photograph

Ok so I know I have done my favourite website of the week and it's really to early to do it again for next week but oh what does it matter huh :).
I'm not sure if any of you remember this but I think I may of mentioned it last year or something.

This website Dear Photograph is awesome!!!.
Basically the concept goes like this. You pick a old photo from when you were little or an old photo of someone special and go to the same place that photo was taken and hold it up and take a photo of the photo, They then submit this photo to the website with a caption to go with it. Make sense?

I did it with a photo of Miss Midget a little while ago. I haven't gotten around to submitting it. I am hoping to print out a better photo of the one I used (My ink in my printer was going a bit funny as you can see).

Any way check it out. The guy who came up with this brilliant idea has a book of all of these coming out in May. It's a very cool concept and if they sell it in NZ I'll definitely be buying one :).


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