Friday, 30 March 2012

The Weeklies - Number 1

This Week - 24/03/12 till 30/03/12

Welcome to the first of "The Weeklies" :)
So here we go :)

My highlight of the week was - Lying down with Miss Midget on her bed reading stories before bed was pretty cool this week. We are very lucky Missy enjoys reading and her books :).

My low point of the week was - Being exhausted wasn't fun. Almost fell asleep on the couch yesterday afternoon :(.

My favourite time wasting device or application was - Star View And Star View Free - awesome application and actually educational :). Basically it works by using your phone/ipod/ipad whatever as the telescope. You point it round the sky and it will tell you what the planets and stars are called. The paid for App shows a few more statelites and shows you the planets. I'm dying to take it camping with me as it shows you the constellations and things as well. Yes I know this app is very nerdy but it's pretty cool all the same lol.

My favourite website this week was - - This is one of my favourite news sites. It is one of my must reads in the mornings. Normally scan the headlines, national news and entertainment sections. Have been reading the technology section to (Yeah I really am a big geek huh, this does explain rather a lot about my high school experience but thats a whole different story lol).
So go check it out. The Oddstuff section can be quite amusing to :).

My favourite photo -

I'm loving this photo at the moment. Yeah I know it was more for last week than it was this week (Yay for good weather this week).

Saying of the week - So my saying of this week has been :)

Well thats it. Feel free to tell me what you think, Anything you would recommend and stuff like that.
So will post something later on but till then have a good weekend :)

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