Saturday, 17 March 2012

So the past few months............

So yeah I've been gone awhile (Naughty Donna).
Sorry :)
So I'm back now.

Update on Miss Midget on her lump - So I tried using this thing on my phone and accidently deleted the post about Miss Midget and her lump.
Just to recap so we're all on the same page. Last May Missy had a lump on her face develop, in front of her left ear by her jaw.

We went through 6wks of the doctor saying that it was a infected lymph node. Strange thing is this lump would change. It would be little (size of a pea) one day then a couple days later would be the size of an old NZ 50c. The antibiotics didn't work and after the 6wks we got refered to a ENT specialist. Sweet as. He had a ultrasound done and MRI and a biopsy done. The MRI and Ultrasound showed that the lump had it's own blood supply and blood vessels etc. The main thing that came out of all those tests was that it wasn't cancer (YAY - such a horrible thought to have going through your head and such a relief to hear that it was benign).

We ended up being refered to Starship Childrens hospital in Auckland. We've been to see them 2x now, the last time being in February. They have called it a Vascular Malformation. The likelihood of it going away by itself is unfortunately slim. On the bright side though it is more a cosmetic thing that anything and there is no urgency to remove it. They will look at removing it when she's older either by operating or by using 100% alcohol and injecting it into the lump to kill the blood vessels. These options won't be looked at until she's in her teens. So yay for having answers and having a wonderful team of support people and doctors and having a plan.

So other news..............Um not really a lot to tell. I go to work and I come home and play with Miss Midget. Life is good at the moment :).

Will write again soon :)

The Lump when it first came up. I think this photo is when it was at 10wks
This photo was taken a few weeks ago. so we're talk about 10mths since it first came up

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