Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Purple Day for Epilepsy 26th March 2012

Ok so thought I'd mention this to you guys - Purple Day

Now for those who don't know, Miss Midget started having epileptic fits when she was 6mths old (I think it was around then).

Our first one was rather scary, as my friend over at The South African Kiwi will confirm.
Miss and I had just gotten to Renettes house. She was looking after her for the day for me while I went to work. Her mother Char normally looked after her for me but couldn't that day. This was the first time I'd left Miss with Renette so I was running through all our routine etc. Missy was still in her capsule (Missy was prem so was in a capsule carseat for a long time). As Renette and I talked Miss sat there. Next minute Renette noticed that Missy was not right. She had turned blue and her head was shaking, and eyes had rolled back in her head. At this stage I freaked. We pulled her out of the car seat. Now from memory Renette took over while I tried to keep it together enough to ring 111. I managed to get out that my daughter was having some sort of fit and then burst into tears on the poor operator. Pieter, Renettes husband took over the phone conversation for me from there. I think then on I was pretty useless.I'd like to think I would of been of more use if it had just been me by myself. I had the luxury of falling apart due to having wonderful people who saw that I had no idea what was happening and were awesome enough to take control of the situation. I really and so glad that they were there for me that day.
All I remember from there is waiting outside for the ambulance to come - Thank god it was only about 2mins away and then Missy and I got our first ambulance ride up to the hospital. 

We pretty much spent the day in hospital while they did test etc.
As I keep saying we are lucky as Missy only had 5 seizures all up. They diagnosed her (after a million and 1 tests) and we went on medication for 1yr. Now Missy is 2 almost 3 and seems to of grown out of it. We do get the odd occasional partial seizure (blank spots).
To me the whole experience really opened my eyes a) to people living with epilepsy and b) to the parents and people close to them.
At the time I was sure it was the stuff nightmares are made of and I had no idea about how Missy was feeling. I knew she was scared everytime they happened but that was about it. I found that epilepsy is more common than you think and that people deal with it and you wouldn't even know. I was lucky that I had a great support network who were able to help us through it.
I just watched this video Cory and Amie Jane talk about epilepsy and could relate to the Epilepsy isn't who you are, it's just what you've got scenario.

After going through all that with Missy I know for one thing, I have a strong little girl is not going to let her epilepsy stop her. She's now a awesome bright and bubbly child who wants to know everything.

I am now going to go through my wardrobe to see if I have anything purple for Friday. I hope you do to :)
(Obviously I've missed pieces of Missy Epilepsy story out. Not cause I don't want to share them, just don't remember half of that 1st seizure. I think my brain blocked some of it out)


  1. YOu remember the head shaking and I don't, I remember her eyes looking strange and a whack load of drool!
    Will be wearing purple on friday! Love and hugs!

    1. Yeah I remember that clear as. That was the only consistant thing she did with all her seizures.