Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Oh the time that could be wasted on Pinterest

I must of spent hours and hours on this site.
Someone said it perfectly. It's the site you go to to decorate rooms you don't have and dress children that may or may not have been born yet, plan trips to places you will never go  on and to get ideas for craft stuff that you are probably not going to do but know where to find them if you ever get around to it.
As you may of guessed from a previous post I have spent a fair bit of time dreaming on that site. I have always said that I love the way the internet is expanding the way people dream. This site is brilliant for that. Finding craft ideas I didn't think possible and things that are just awesome.
If you want to to nosey through my boards click here - Pinterest.
My favourite ones at the moment are "Sayings" , "Awesome Ideas" and "Things to do with Tayla"

This site is brilliant for passing the time or for giving inspiration. It gave me the inspiration to make the present for my friend which I mentioned earlier here but also some of the sayings in here have given inspiration for life, some even got pinched and shared on facebook :).

I like the way it works. That you can trawling on the net and go "oh I love that" and instead of bookmarking the site you can pin it to one of your boards on Pinterest and you know where to find it. All the pictures pinned go back to their original site so you can then figure out where people found things or carrying looking where you left of.

It reminds me of cork boards and pinning your dreams on one of them (I used to blu tac photos and pictures to my wardrobe door :)).

This place has links to all sorts. I actually found a whole pile of cool free font the other day.
Theres also a space where you can share handy tips with people. I have found so many helpful "just in case" tips like this and this or this

Anyway I'll keep you posted as to what I try next and the result. We'll see how we go from there. Also if you check out Pinterest and my boards I take no responsibllity for the amount of time that will be spent dreaming :).


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