Monday, 26 March 2012

Miss Midget's Vivid Imagination

Haha sounds like it could be a story book for kids :)
Lately I have been watching Miss and the way she has been playing and what happens when she's sleeping. Those who are friends of mine on facebook will be quite used to the posts like the one the other night - "So my rather imaginative crazy child is running round the house "rescuing" her little dolls house puppy with her "super hero" Barbie's that she got from McDonalds." and a rather interesting one "So Taylas sleep talking went like this tonight "", went in and checked and sound asleep like a good little starfish. Funny child :)"

Ok so it's getting clearer by the day that Miss has a wicked imagination. It runs wild while she is awake and am pretty sure it rules her dreams as well. The help me post has a bit of a follow on where later that night we were going to bed and Miss started this funny little whingy cry. I went into check on her and she was on the floor with her blankey around her. I picked her up and spoke softly and was immediately clung to. I managed to prize her off me and snuck out of the room with out her saying a word more. 2 seconds later the crying starts again. By the looks of it she'd woken up as I'm pretty sure she wasn't awake when she was on the floor, we relented and gave her a little bottle to calm her down back to sleep. I asked Daniel whether he'd heard a thud or anything to indcate that she'd fallen out of bed and he hadn't. So at this stage popular theory is she got herself out of bed sleep walking.
While this isn't a totally new thing for Miss (She used to migrate round the cot in her sleep) it does make me thankful that she can't reach the door handles yet.

It later went through my head thoughts of wonder to what she was dreaming. She never said anything the next morning so it was just left at that.
The other day I got her up from a sleep and She said to me "Where are your antlers Mummy?"
"I don't have antlers baby"
"Yes you do, on your back"
"No darling I don't"
"I have antlers on my back"
"No darling, Were you having funny dreams baby?"
"Hmmmmm" she said with a thoughtful look on her face and that has been all thats mentioned about that.

Now watching her play when she's awake is just as amusing. I even get to join in like today where she was pretending she was having a party on the deck for her and all her friends (Barbie, Super hero barbie, all the Dora's that we have and even Mummy and Daddy from the Dolls house).
I of course had to come to and help set up. She wanted a Picnic party so we lay one of the blankets out on the deck for and she placed her guests where she wanted them and gave everyone a plastic tea set cup and a saucer. I think I was the only one that was served any food (I got the plastic corn on the cob lol). I did try leaving a couple of times as my attention was required else where but I kept getting dragged back :).

Guess this is all part of having a little girl (At least the awake part, the sleeping side of things well we'll see how long that lasts, I see us having to make sure we're got bolts on doors to keep her in).
I do remember doing things similar to my Nana when I went to her house in the afternoons and weekends :)


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