Monday, 26 March 2012

I have had an idea :)

Yes an idea, most probably not a great idea and I'm pretty sure it's been done before to death but oh well I'm sure I'll soon get told :).

I have been thinking about something that would be good to do at least once a week.

So have thought of a post called "The Weeklies"
This would incorporate my -
Highlight of the week was,
Low point of the week was,

Favourite time wasting device or application was
Favourite website this week was, 
Favourite photo (whether it's mine or someone elses) -
Saying of the week -  

That sort of thing,  That way I can  update the blog semi regularly etc :).

Whether thats something you guys are interested in I dunno.
It's most probably the lamest idea but oh well we'll run with it for now, I'm happy being lame lol :)

So we'll see how we go and if people read it and go from there.
If you have any ideas please feel free to let me know :).

Will try and do one every Friday :)



  1. Hey, a lady right here in Whangarei does this every friday over here:
    You could join in with that?

  2. You may have to help me with how that all works. Still new to this blogger thingy :).
    Shoe fairy is hoping about Thursday to make her delivery to your house is that ok? It'll be after 2