Sunday, 25 March 2012

Getting people to read my blog????

I was thinking about it the other day after I posted my pinterest blog  and my epilepsy purple day blog  as I watched the stats to see if people actually cared what I had to say.
As silly as it sounds I got all excited when I saw that both these posts have been read about 30ish times each. It doesn't seem like much in the whole scheme of things but in the history of my blog that was heaps (The last time I had anything even remotely near that was my
rant and rave I had last year lol).

So as I said I've been thinking about how to get people to read this thing and googled "how to get people to read my blog" which came up with a whole pile of interesting things. Mainly they all say "write consistently" (failed that one huh), another is finding your niche and writing specifically them to them (that would be fine if I knew who my niche were, at present it appears to be family and friends).

There's a whole pile if other things like making sure your design is right and links work etc but it has got me thinking "why am I writing this thing and do people really care?"

I like writing this thing. It puts my opinion out into the world and gets whatever in my head out and shared - Of course I had to share my pinterest stuff. Anyone that has been around me lately knows I'm crazy over that site and constantly showing people stuff from it (Lastest victim was my Aunty, I'd like to think she enjoyed the stuff I was showing her but did occur to me maybe she was just being nice lol).

I also figure it's up to you guys  if you want to read it or not but would be nice if more people did :).

So please feel free to use the comments section below any of my blogs. Would be nice to generate a little interactiveness on this thing even if you have something you think I would like and want to share with me thats cool :).

Alrighty enough ramblings :)

Talk soon



  1. I'm guilty of reading most posts, just nosey I guess :-)

  2. I figure most people are when they read this and to be honest thats why I start to read other peoples blogs. I just hope I can sort out a reason for people to keep coming back :)

  3. Twitter is a very powerful tool. Use hashtags to capture attention. I've found that tweeting something generates more blog traffic that posting on facebook!

    1. Thanks for that Nette but I already do that :), I have it set up where I'll put a link on my old tumblr account which will then send a tweet out. Might just cut tumblr out all together though as I'm not sure how many people come through there to get to here :)