Tuesday, 20 March 2012

About this weather.........

So have been stuck at home the past couple of days. Not feeling the greatest.
Miss Midget hasn't been feeling that crash hot either so we've hidden at home.
Away from the storm which has been nice. (Dunno if you've seen the Weather out here in Whangarei but we've been having lots of fun - Northern Advocate )

So as you can imagine I have seen lots of Dora and Mickey Mouse being at home and am starting to go a little crazy. While it has been nice sitting snuggled up with my daughter while it's been yuk outside I'm looking forward to feeling better and getting back to reality.

We also had fun with the garage almost flooding. Wouldn't of been so bad if my boxes hadn't been in the part where it wanted to flood so was on towel duty yesterday. I can't believe how much water ended up in the big bucket just from wringing out towels.

So have been thinking that maybe I should have some sort of theme going with this blog instead of my random ramblings, Haven't decided on one yet so until then you'll have to put up with them :)

Have discovered a renewed interest in Pinterest , So many things I want to make. Just need the $ to go and do them.

Loving the Naughty stool idea and cloud lights. Oh and one I am dying to try is Glow Jar.
So many neat ideas to do with Miss Midget to when I find time.

Have tried this one - Bubble Snake at a friends house and the girls loved it.
I also did a version of this - Inspiration Stones for a friend for her birthday.


Not the best of photos but I got the Chinese marbles and due the symbols for peace, love and happiness on them. This present was great as it fitted in my budget and I got to give my friend a box of peace, love and happiness in a box thats her favourite colour :).

Anyway will keep you posted if I try anything else out.

Take care.


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