Wednesday, 6 July 2011

So about this header?

Hey Guys
So I'm testing out this Blogger thing and hoping it's a bit nicer to me that what my tumblr is/was.
So welcome to the new and hopefully improved JellybeanD's Life as Mummy :).

So have had a play around with the header. Yeah I'm know it's not great but I figure it'll be a work in progress and as Miss Midget gets bigger I'm sure the photo will change to. Still learning how to do things so for the moment and so I didn't have to have a plain yuk one this will do :).

For those who are new to the blog, Hi nice to meet you. I used to have a blog over at Tumblr - , If you want check it out and that way you'll be up to speed with who I am and all my random thoughts that I keep coming up with.

So for now I'll head off (I keep loosing days, days are unfortunately disappearing faster than I can blink at the moment) and Miss Midget is just dying to push buttons :)

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