Monday, 11 July 2011

Mondays don't like me

Well it would seem Monday's don't particularly like me much at the moment.
The last 2 Mondays have gone wrong for me.
Lets see today I managed to turn up for a meeting that was moved to Tuesday and I didn't find out til I was already at work. I managed to lock myself out out of the office (Now that was a story all on it's own). I had to wait outside in the cold for about 15mins for cheapskates to open so I could get the key off the landlord as my handbag and everything were back up stairs and I was the only one in the office.
I managed to stuff up numerous work related things and that was mainly before lunch.
All this on top of stuff all sleep as Miss Midget has not been very well (yet another story I will post on as it's a bit of a drama all on it's own).
So yeah that was my Monday. Now I'm thinking I just shoulf of stayed in bed.

How was yours?

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